Who We Are


OPEIU Local 39

OPEIU Local 39 is a progressive labor union that represents workers and working families in the Midwest, East and West Coasts. Members of Local 39 have the unique opportunity to:

  • Have a voice in determining negotiation priorities such as wages, benefits and conditions of employment.
  • Follow a predetermined process which will guarantee that your contract is upheld and your rights protected.
  • Run for Union office and elect OPEIU leaders from among our peers to negotiate your contracts and to represent your concerns before management, applicable courts of your jurisdiction or through the appropriate local, state or national political process.
  • Communicate with other office, technical and professional employees about issues of common concern.

Stewards are the "first line of defense' for our Union members.  Stewards are either elected or appointed representatives for individual units.  Stewards are organizers who help mobilize members into action, educators who help members interpret the contract and communicators who keep members informed about what happens at Union meetings, community actions and other Union activities.

OPEIU Local 39 also employs staff members who are experts in negotiations, organizing and grievance handling.  In addition to running the day-to-day affairs of our Union, Local 39 staff work with elected Union officials to determine and implement official policy of the union. 

  • Our Agents and President work in conjunction with a Unit's Chief Steward, acts as lead negotiators in bargaining, handle high level grievances, work in all other areas of representation and help organize new units.

Our Executive Board is made up of the Executive Board members from our Units.  The Executive Board meets to discuss Union policy and procedures, and review and approve local financials. 

OPEIU Regions

OPEIU Local 39 is part of OPEIU Region VII, which covers most of the US Midwest. This map shows all the regions and which states/provinces/territories they cover.
Map of OPEIU regions

OPEIU International

The International Union coordinates issues of concern to all OPEIU members and provides many of the support services to the Local Unions.  Delegates from the Local Unions meet every three years at the International Convention to elect the International Officers and to set the policy for the Union for the coming three years.  The International Union's Executive Board meets bi-annually to review reports of the officers and staff, determine policy and programs and implement convention resolutions and policy statements.