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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 39
The Office and Professional Employees International Union are office, technical and professional employees working together to improve our jobs and the lives of our families. OPEIU is the first, and largest, labor union in the United States and Canada dedicated to professional, technical and office workers. Local 39's organization begins with its members. We represent over 3,000 professional, technical and clerical employees in the greater Madison, WI area.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve with each passing day, OPEIU wants to ensure its members are made aware of the myriad resources available to help during this uncertain time. The Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), just released an easy-to-follow primer on what the first three coronavirus stimulus packages mean for you and your family.

Click here to download the Speaker’s fact sheet and be sure to continue checking OPEIU’s updated collection of COVID-19 resources on our website

Latest News
15 January 2021

Proposed Dues Change – Member Meetings

The Business Agents of Local 39 will be conducting a series of meetings to review the proposed dues changes.  This will be a chance for members to learn about the changes and to have their questions answered.

Please attend at least one of the following meeting times.  Each meeting date has two meetings available to members.  One meeting at 4pm and one at 6pm.

Members will receive a GoToMeeting link to attend the meeting. (Note: Members who do not receive the GoToMeeting link it is because we do not have a personal email address for you on file.  Please contact Local 39’s organizer Adrienne Pagac at and provide your email address and we will send you a link.)

Download PowerPoint

January 19, 2021 4pm or 6pm
January 21, 2021 4pm or 6pm
January 26, 2021 4pm or 6pm
January 28, 2021 4pm or 6pm
February 2, 2021 4pm or 6pm
February 4, 2021 4pm or 6pm
February 9, 2021 4pm or 6pm
February 11, 2021 4pm or 6pm

7 January 2021

Jim Nussle Leaves Republican Party, Says GOP Left Him Behind

As the nation struggled with the aftermath of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol building by violent supporters of President Trump on Wednesday, CUNA President/CEO and longtime Republican Jim Nussle renounced his party affiliation late Wednesday.

“I will no longer claim I am a Republican tonight as I am outraged and devastated by the actions of too many elected Republicans (some I know and served with) and supporters,” Nussle announced on his Twitter feed. “Today a final line was crossed that I will not excuse. The GOP is NO more and left me and others behind.”